• Katie Otey

Publishing With Care

Navigating the publishing world is not for the faint of heart. Though it can be a very rewarding career path, anxiety and stress is an obstacle for many authors trying to bring their dream of telling their story to fruition. What from the constant rejection, no-answer-is-an-answer, and slim opportunities for already marginalized creators, it's no wonder so many walk away from the industry with their dreams unfulfilled. The few people who do get to hold their book babies in their hands often find those books aren’t what they envisioned. Can you imagine, chipping away at the publishing mountain of obstacles for years, finally getting the breakthrough, only to have a publisher produce a book that you aren’t even proud of? It’s heartbreaking.

Listen, most publishers work well with their authors and agents. Editors are very invested in working on books that are close to their hearts, and they are an integral part of bringing a book concept to an amazing finished product, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the one-sided power structure of the publishing machine didn’t leave many authors vulnerable to bad behavior, unfair practices, predatory representation, and raw deals. It’s a minefield out there. The amount of regret I’ve witnessed from fellow authors throughout the years is shocking, and sad.

Phoenix Media & Books was founded with a desire to not only publish, but to publish with care. We want to partner with our authors to bring their dreams to fruition with a humanity that goes beyond financial bottom lines. There are many ways we want to show the publishing community how much we care for them and the stories they want to tell.

Although our lists will be very selective, it will be diverse, giving more opportunities for authors from overlooked groups to have another shot at their dream coming true. We want to publish kindly, working together on the book concept, editing, design, illustrations, and marketing, to make this an all-around amazing experience for every author and illustrator on our list. We also want to support, uplift, and encourage creators in the industry, even if they aren’t published with our company. Phoenix Media & Books wants to stand out - not just for publishing remarkable works - but for our never-ending love for the creators, the readers, the librarians, the humans that work together to make the stories that shape the lives of so many. We hope to always nurture. We hope to always support. We hope to always publish. With care.