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What's Ablaze at Phoenix Media & Books: February 2021 Edition

Article Summary: February 2021 was an exercise in building fabulous momentum at Phoenix Media & Books:

~ We signed two stellar debut picture book authors for Sammy Kay Books.

~ Our cover for the MY BUJO! 2022 DESK DIARY is now viewable at our stationary imprint Rabbit Hole.

~ Our Creative Director shares her debut webcomic series Nature Is Strange Tho, with new issues released every Saturday until she runs out of creepy critter facts.

Coming Soon to Rabbit Hole

More New Authors and Book Deal Announcements Coming Soon!

Nature Is Strange Tho: Bats! #1 by S.J.Winkler

This post originally appears in SJ Winkler's "Soul Sushi: a Sketchbook Blog," shared here as part of Phoenix Media & Book's support of creative nonfiction in the children's literature and entertainment markets.

In my early doodler days, I was preoccupied with zoology. By "preoccupied," I mean "borderline possessed." Once a subject has my attention, no feather is left un-plucked. Wild Discovery was a favorite show. Any cartoon or book featuring animals as main characters was top priority. I collected weird animal facts the way other kids collected pogs and pokemon cards. I can think of at least two separate occasions in which my Zoobooks knowledge caused significant problems in my social life. Zoos, Aquariums, and Wild Animal Parks were far-preferred over roller coasters... still are, in fact.

As I adjust my illustration art for focus in children's-friendly publishing, a webcomic strip for kids devoted to all my favorite creepy critter facts is a fitting tribute to my childhood.

A warning for the squeamish: sometimes nature is gross and violent. Though presented with light-hearted humor, such themes may be reflected in this comic strip. Shrug. Nature is strange, tho.

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