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Pop Quiz: Who hated all of humanity enough to invent waking up early?

Answer: I’m not sure, but I’d bet 57 gabillion dollars my mom had something to do with it.


Meet Izzy McKeithen, an imaginative 11-year-old with a flair for the dramatic.


As the fourth of five kids in a chaotic household,  Izzy is no stranger to drama and unexpected twists. But today, Izzy is expecting greatness! He has a secret crush who’s ready to reveal themselves, an out of this world science experiment he can’t wait to show off, and a chorus solo that he’s sure will catapult him into instant fame.


But, hour by hour, Izzy’s day deteriorates from potential epic greatness to a certain epic failure. Can Izzy come out on top?

Izzy McKeithen Has Arrived! Book 1: Izzy's (Almost) Epic Day

  • Katie Otey

  • Great for ages 8-12. Sixteen chapters, approximately 160 pages, black and white illustrations.

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